Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ernies after the floods

Well the rain has let up a bit and now it's snowing, which is good for the hills and then good for the cricks come spring time!

Shortly after the flood waters subsided I hiked into Ernies Canyon on the NF of the Snoqualmie to get some comparison pics. So here they are, and they pretty much speak for themselves. The first set of pictures are of Jacuzzi and the next set were taken at the bridge near the take-out.

Jacuzzi at 13,000 cfs

Photo by Matt Thomas

Notice the willows in the upper left corner of the picture and now look at the following picture. Notice a difference.

Jacuzzi at 1300 cfs

Photo by Matt Thomas

Now here are some pictures that were taken at the bridge near the take-out.

Ernies take-out at 13,000 cfs

Photo by Matt Thomas

Ernies take-out at 1300 cfs

Photo by Matt Thomas

This is probably a needless statement, but it's an important one. Just remember to treat every run like a first descent and scout everything. We learned the hard way when a few us went and fired up Robe Canyon after the floods and we were the first group to do so. We ended up above a drop that we couldn't scout very well, we couldn't portage, and the normal line looked very different from what it did on previous trips. After 2 hours, some creative rope work, and some sketchy rock climbing we ended up making it high enough upstream to portage around the drop. That particular drop used to be 3 separate rapids and now it's one big drop that looks marginally runneable. Furthermore, every drop on that run has changed, some only little, but others have changed a lot. So be careful out there!

I'll be posting some trip reports from last spring and summer. Sorry for the delay, but there's going to be some good ones. So stay tuned!
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