Wednesday, December 20, 2006

SF Snoqualmie River - Franklin Section

I think this might be the first trip report ever for the Franklin section on the SF Snoqualmie River. Many people know about the Fall-In-The-Wall section, but below that there's a section of high quality whitewater. You put in below Franklin Falls and take-out about 1/2 mile or so above the Denny Creek campground. This run is definitely more committing and more difficult than FITW because it is mostly in a box canyon that would be very difficult to exit from.

Put-in with Franklin Falls in the background

Photo by Andrew Oberhardt

Super Boof is probably one of the funnest drops on the entire SF. It starts with a 4' ledge the leads into a twisting slide followed by a 10' falls and if you do it right you get the boof of your life. It's not a hard line, but it's not straightforward either so do yourself a favor and look at it. The entrance is a little tricky and if you don't do it just right you end up on the river right corner of the hole. If you end in the hole you'll proceed to get the beat down of your life and you may even see Elvis hanging out there. If you don't believe me just ask Seth Warren about his no scout to epic beat down to nasty swim at this spot.

RT showing how it's done at Super Boof

Photo by Andrew Oberhardt

Right below Super Boof is the 2nd and final water-fall on this section. It's about a 20 footer and it's pretty straight forward. The rest of the run mainly consists of ledges varying in size from 4' to 8'.

Matt approaching the 2nd falls

Photo by Andrew Oberhardt

It's a really good idea to scout the entire run from the top of the canyon. There's a trail that runs along the river left side of the run. Scout every drop and make sure there's no wood. One misplaced log could seriously ruin your day. There are a few drops that are near impossible to scout from river level, but make sure you scout Super Boof at river level.

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