Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Little Wenatchee River - Washington

The Little Wenatchee is a fun class IV creek located upstream of Lake Wenatchee. The following pictures were taken on May 27, 2006 at a flow of about 1000 cfs. This run is kind of hard to get when it's in and the road is either clear of snow or the gate is unlocked.

It's a fun run that's nice and scenic. It's also a great run if you're newbie or are taking newbies. It's relatively easy to sort out, but has all the key ingredients to any good creek run.

John Fuqua on the first drop

Photo by Matt Thomas

The only problem with this run is that you have to now portage one of the better drops, which detracts from the run significantly. Without this log you could bomb this run and never have to get out of your boat, which would be really fun. Now you have to portage around a potentially great drop.

Wood Portage

Photo by Matt Thomas

The group newbie Kenney McChesney (Brett) had a good day in his recently purchased H3.

Kenney McChesney group newbie

Photo by Matt Thomas

Let's a make a deal is a one of the better drops on this run. It's a two part rapid that wraps around a blind corner. It's a good idea to scout around the corner for wood. You can run the entry then eddy out on river right just above the what's shown in the following picture. You could potentially portage from there if you had too. However, that eddy is a small one or two boat eddy.

Schertzl at let's make a deal

Photo by Matt Thomas

The final drop is probably the funnest drop on the whole run. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, but you just basically give'er right down the gut just watch out for the left wall.

RT lining up the last drop

Photo by Matt Thomas

Drew at the bottom of the last drop

Photo by Matt Thomas

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