Wednesday, March 15, 2006

SF Snoqualmie - FITW

FITW, if you don't know already, stands for Fall In The Wall named after the first drop on this section. This run is the go to backyard run for Seattle boaters. It's about 1 hour from downtown Seattle, and it's steep class IV creeking. Many boater's have had their introduction to creeking on this run... I know that I have. Here are a couple of picks of FITW falls.

Matt at FITW

Photo by Peter Aiken

Matt in the run out from FITW

Photo by Peter Aiken

Here's another pic from a different angle.

Matt at FITW falls

Photo by Shane Robinson

I hope to have more pics of the entire run this spring and hopefully some pics of the section below FITW that is called the Franklin section. The Franklin Section is definitely a step up in difficulty and it's a bit more committing.

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