Tuesday, December 12, 2006

NF Quinault - Olympic Peninsula - WA

UPDATED: Here's a video from the trip courtesy of Erik Schertzl.


Last August a group of us hiked into and did the NF of Quinault on the Olympic Peninsula. This run is hands down one of the prettiest runs ever. Definitely higher quality scenery then even Norrish Creek. Andrew has already posted a trip report at The Range Life. Check it out. I'm just going to post a few pics of my own.

The first pic is of our camp site, which is one of the more unique places I've camped for sure. And 0f course it rained, but what do you expect from the Rain Forest?

The Camp Site

Photo by Matt Thomas

Matt (Effigy) running the water-fall.

Photo by Ethan Smith

The next pic is of one of the most impressive places I've ever been. This right below the glowing wall and is the end of a carved out room where at water-level it's probably about 100 feet in diameter and then at the top of the canyon it's only about 50 feet wide.

Coolest place on earth

Photo by Matt Thomas

Remember to check out the trip report on The Range Life.

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