Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Clear Fork of Cowlitz

This is one of the few runs that lives up to all of the hype!! This is definitely one of the best creeks in the State of Washington! These pictures were taken in the Spring of 2005 and this was a medium low level. This run is a full day that demands respect every second that you're on it.

Ben Glahn at Entrance Exam

Photo by Andrew Oberhardt

I'd recommend running it with someone who knows it or leave yourself plenty of daylight or preferrably have both. We had both. Shane Robinson of the The Range Life crew led a the group, and he knows the river as well as anyone can. You can see a video of our day at http://therangelife.blogspot.com/. Thanks Shane!

Matt in the background with Brian in foreground

Photo by Andrew Oberhardt

Matt at B*&%h Slap Falls

Photo by Andrew Oberhardt

2004 Turkey Weekend Canyon Creek

The Sunday after Thanksgiving of 2004 Ricky, Brian, RT and I met up at Canyon Creek in SW Washington to try and work off some of the overeating. This run is a classic and many kayakers have cut their creeking teeth on this run.

Ricky, Brian, Matt, RT (clockwise from upper left) at the put-in:

Photo by Stephanie Thomas

Matt at Double Drop aka "The Drop Zone"

Photo by Erik Schertzl

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