Monday, March 20, 2006

SF Yuba from 49 to Bridgeport - California

On 6/19/05 we ran the SF Yuba from 49 to Bridgeport. This was the second day of a 2-day weekend in California for me. I hooked up with Erik, Justin and Ethan from Seattle area and a few others from California. The level was right at 1000 cfs, which I guess is a lower flow for this run. The whitewater is great and the scenery is spectacular. I would highly recommend this run if you find yourself in the area and it's running.

The following pictures are of Schertzl running a low angle slide with a semi meaty hole at the bottom called Eat the Meat.

Erik Schertzl at Eat the Meat

Photo by Ben Naylor

Erik Schertzl at the bottom of Eat the Meat

Photo by Ben Naylor

The following picture is of one of the bigger ledges we ran.

Ethan Smith airing it out

Photo by Ben Naylor

Most of the run consist of drops similar to the ones shown in this picture. None of the drops are that big, but some of the rapids are long and complex. There are only a couple of portages, and the logistics are pretty easy. I would say that this run gives you quite a bit of bang for your buck.
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